Whether you are in the market to buy your first long-haul transportation vehicle, or you are simply looking for a new addition to add to your existing fleet, our upcoming truck auctions, taking place in Pretoria, make provision for value-added inspection on the assets you’re interested in. At NUco Auctioneers, we encourage participants to view the assets available on auction beforehand by hosting a viewing day before each and every auction. Our viewing days are always set for the day before the auction, from 08h00 – 17h00 and take place at our auction grounds in Irene, Pretoria. In order to leverage the viewing day to your favour, read through our top three things to consider when viewing assets for our upcoming truck auctions in Gauteng.

1.      Capacity and Axle Configuration

Depending on what you will be using the truck for, the vehicle’s capacity and axle configuration are important specs to consider. The axle configuration (4×2, 4×4 etc.) will be a good indication of whether the truck will suit your requirements, this is dependent on the terrain you will be driving, as well as the distance. Capacity is also important in this regard, you will want to make sure that the capacity will be sufficient for your load requirements.

2.      Cab

The overall condition of the interior will also tell you a lot about the truck’s condition and how well it was looked after previously. If the amount of wear is reasonable for the trucks age, you can be satisfied that it was well maintained. Other interior elements will also be able to tell you whether the truck is suitable for your job requirements and whether the mileage is correct.

3.      Engine

The engine is the most important part of the vehicle, you will therefore want to inspect it for any leaks or other warning signs. At NUco’s viewing days, our yard manager and other staff are available to assist with the inspections, this includes starting the trucks or other heavy equipment up for bid, so that viewers can experience a thorough inspection before making a decision to bid on an item. Listening to the engine can help buyers detect any faults, especially for more knowledgeable listeners.

Register for Our Upcoming Truck Auctions in Pretoria

If you’re interested in a range of superior-quality trucks and other heavy machinery available at bargain prices, register now for our upcoming auctions in Gauteng. Remember to check our guide for first time buyers for more information on how we make things work for our clients to ensure that all our buyers drive away with satisfaction, we hope to see you at our next auction!