If you’re looking at starting a business in 2019 that has great profitable potential, an abundance of opportunities, and a massive market demand, a transport business is a viable option. From moving companies to courier services, the transportation sector is rife with opportunities, and what better way to start or expand your fleet than with NUco’s commercial vehicle auctions?

Explore the following transport business opportunities in order to get a taste of the many opportunities available in this profitable sector.

Moving Truck Business

Moving businesses have constant demand as people require reliable transportation in order to move their larger possessions to their new property. Starting a new moving business does not require massive capital as you can start out small and expand your fleet as you start becoming more experienced. Start out with purchasing one vehicle at our regularly hosted onsite truck auctions in order to attain a cost-effective and reliable asset.

Courier Services

Another business opportunity that requires minimal investment is a courier business. By investing in a trustworthy truck at our upcoming truck and commercial vehicle auctions, you can start collecting and delivering packages and build up a client base. Other vehicles that are a viable option for starting a courier business include SUVs or mini-busses which are also often up for bidding at our commercial vehicle auctions.


A more lucrative business opportunity in the transport sector is starting your own logistics company. A logistics company will however require more knowledge about the field and may need a significant initial investment. With a logistics business, you will be hired by other businesses to transport their products within the country, while also including the service of importing and exporting goods. Starting out small may allow more accessibility if you do not have large amounts of capital. Whether you’re a first time buyer, or more experienced, start out small by purchasing an asset at our auctions.

Specialised Transport

Specialised transport businesses focus on one industry and provide reliable transport solutions for their requirements. Examples include medical, abnormal loads, and hazardous material transportation. With this option, owners will have to have an in-depth understanding of the regulations and requirements specific to their niche. Start your research and join us for a viewing day to see what we can offer you in order to get your specialised transport business started.

For more information on our onsite truck auctions, have a look at our upcoming auctions page. You’re welcome to register to bid, or simply pop in and give us a visit.