In order for businesses to meet the ever growing demands of the transportation industry, it is imperative to regularly increase and upgrade their fleet of vehicles. Small and medium sized businesses need more cost-effective purchasing solutions to meet this demand and to place themselves at the forefront of their competition. So, what’s this more cost-effective solution?

Realising the value of commercial vehicle auctions

Commercial vehicle auctions make finding great bargains a walk in the park with the amount of savings and the variety that is available in one yard, this broadens the upgrade possibilities for small and medium business enterprises. A range of vehicles and equipment can be found at NUco’s truck auctions, all of which are high in quality to provide you with the perfect upgrade solutions, often at a steal!

Why is this the solution?

Auctions give businesses the opportunity to buy premium commercial stock at a fraction of the cost of new products. This affords people the opportunity to buy good calibre vehicles at a price they can afford, further offering them the opportunity to upgrade and replenish their fleet more often. Visiting onsite truck auctions does not mean you’re limited to one type of vehicle too, there is often a range of vehicles and machinery available onsite to meet the different requirements for your business.

Other ways to save

There are other ways you can use commercial vehicle auctions to your financial advantage. Truck auctions not only provide you with the opportunity to buy new, high-quality additions to your fleet, but you are also able to use onsite truck auctions as a convenient source of spare parts for your existing machinery. Another big plus worth mentioning is that with NUco you don’t have to make the sacrifice of a huge travel expense to make it to the auction site, simply register and bid over the phone!

Keep an eye on our Auctions Calendar for our upcoming auctions and join us at one of our premium events for access to massive deals and savings on a variety of vehicles! Remember to contact us for any other enquiries, we are more than happy to help.