Looking for auctions in South Africa specific to your industry? Fleets of heavy machinery and vehicles are made available at our auctions which cater to multiple industries by providing them with a wide, relevant, and cost-effective range.  The diverse range of machinery, equipment, and trucks at our auctions in Gauteng offer many industries, such as the agricultural, mining, construction, or transportation industries, with the opportunity to affordably upgrade existing fleets, buy equipment for a new project, or to simply expand. Here are just a few examples of machinery and vehicles which can be found at our upcoming heavy machinery and truck auctions.

Trucks and Links

At our auctions, we have a variety of trucks available in various sizes, with varying abilities, and of different brands. Our truck auctions in Gauteng also give you the opportunity to source parts for your existing heavy vehicles or to buy additional body or tautliner links and trailers to add to your trucks. We also have side tipper links available which are frequently used in the construction, mining, and agricultural industries.

Tractors and Loaders

You will discover various tractors and loaders which are available at our auctions to suit the requirements of your industry. These construction and agricultural vehicles are available in various sizes to suit different project applications and purposes. The tractors and loaders available at our auctions are also diverse through their well-known, quality branding.

Rollers and Cherry Pickers

For businesses in the construction industry, there are various mechanisation equipment which are high in demand in the industry. The machinery we have at our auctions include rollers and cherry pickers which are used in construction projects to maximise productivity and turnover time.

Other Vehicles

Our auctions in Gauteng are not only limited to offering trucks and heavy machinery for larger projects, we also offer a fleet of other commercial vehicles such as vans and bakkies to meet the requirements and specifications of all jobs in your project. We have vehicles that are suitable both for work staff transportation, as well as everyday driving. Some of the vehicles available in our upcoming auctions include Hilux single or double cab bakkies, as well as mini vans.

Contact us for any queries on our upcoming auctions as well as the range of heavy machinery and vehicles we have on offer.