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truck auction in south africa

Your Financial Checklist for Attending a Truck Auction in South Africa

In order to walk away with assets that you have acquired via auction, you will need to get all your finances in check before attending the auction that…

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NUco’s Tips for First Time Bidders

In a previous blog, we discussed how to prepare for auctions at NUco Auctioneers. Building on this, we have decided to give first time bidders some additional industry…

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Become a Bidding Master with this Glossary of Auction Terminology

The terms used in the world of auction houses are not always clear to everyone interested in attending our heavy equipment and construction auctions. We would, therefore, like…

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How to Prepare for Auctions in Pretoria at NUco Auctioneers

With frequent on-site auctions NUco Auctioneers have the process down to an art, so doing your homework before attending auctions in Pretoria is essential. If you are a…