Purchasing heavy equipment is a hefty but necessary expense, especially in the mining industry. Heavy equipment and machinery is required for both new mining projects, and existing sites to upgrade on exhausted motors and implements.

Due to this revolving demand for heavy equipment in the mining industry, NUco has provided an alternative, affordable method of acquiring the necessary stock through mining and heavy equipment auctions. Here are just some of the reasons why purchasing machinery through a mining auction provides an affordable solution for the mining industry.

Great Brands Available at a Fraction of the Price

NUco’s heavy equipment auctions offer an array of vehicles and equipment, often dealing with popular brands with renowned performance capabilities. The following brand names are just some of the brands you can look out for at our heavy equipment and mining auctions:

  • CAT
  • Bell
  • Komatsu
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Scania
  • Volvo
  • Hitachi
  • JCB

Because you have the option to bid any amount you wish, you are able to stick to your budget and assets can be bought at a significantly lower price when compared to market related prices.

Transparent and Informative Process

Through the transparent auction and purchasing process offered by NUco, you will get high-quality service as well as opportunities to view the equipment on auction beforehand. This means that you will know what you are buying to ensure that you are content with your purchase should you be the highest bidder. With these strict, standard policies and procedures you can have peace of mind when bidding at an auction, especially if you’re a first time buyer.

Diverse Solutions

The heavy equipment and mining auctions in Gauteng provides you with a cost-effective solution to buying affordable equipment for a new project, or to upgrade the fleet of your current machinery and implements. Another way you can save is the fact that with NUco you don’t have to make expensive travel arrangements to make the auction in person if you’re a distance away; you have the option of registering to bid over the phone.

NUco’s Auctions Calendar will keep you up to date with upcoming heavy equipment and mining auctions in Gauteng, there is also an option to “Get Notified” on the calendar page in order to have the details of upcoming auctions sent directly to you.