Mines that are experiencing a drop in productivity, or that are simply looking for ways to optimise operations, commonly require more assets. The more assets there are, the more people can assist with a variety of operations using this machinery. New mining machinery is, however, very costly and expensive, a more cost-effective method of expanding asset fleets should be sought after.

So, why do assets from mining auctions in South Africa offer mining optimisation solutions?

You Can Get More, For Less

By opting to bid instead of buy, you may be able to acquire a lot more assets than you can by purchasing new mining machinery. The affordable assets that are available from mining auctions in South Africa also give decision-makers the opportunity to buy the mining machinery that they need now using the current budget they have instead of waiting for more capital. Introducing more assets to your fleet can optimise the productivity of your mining projects exponentially.

Diverse Solutions, All in One Place

In order for mines to upgrade their fleet to optimise operations, diverse assets that perform different functions are often required. NUco’s mining equipment auctions in Gauteng offer buyers with variety, especially when closure auctions are hosted. Closure auctions present the perfect opportunity for mines to get everything they need as all assets that were used in the closing project is up for bid, from diggers to small commercial vehicles. All in one place, closure auctions offer shareholders and project managers with diverse optimisation solutions.

Minimised Financial Risk

If you’re introducing new methods of operations with assets that your workers are not familiar with, you will want them to use quality second hand machinery as to minimise loss through inexperience. Workers who will be working with machinery that they are not be used to may could cause damage to the vehicle while they get used to the ins and outs of operating the new asset. It is therefore advised that they use assets that are not brand new and expensive as to minimise financial risk.

Looking for Mining Auctions in South Africa?

At NUco Auctioneers, we host regular heavy equipment auctions for the mining, construction and logistics industry. Our first-time buyer friendly mining equipment auctions in Gauteng offer decision-makers in the mining industry with affordable asset solutions that will empower them to expand their fleet and optimise their productivity, view our upcoming auctions here.