With the ever-increasing fuel price, construction and transportation industries need to put various strategies in place in order to stick to their budget. By bidding and buying at one of NUco’s upcoming heavy equipment and truck auctions, you can successfully save yourself a lot of money, as opposed to purchasing new vehicles and spare parts. Register for one of the upcoming construction vehicle auctions in Gauteng and make provisions for the soaring cost of fuel.

So, how does buying at NUco’s auctions actually positively impact your budget and buying experience?

A Wide Variety of Brands and Machinery

At NUco, a wide variety of brands and an array of vehicles and equipment are made available for you to bid on and buy. These popular brands are well-known and can be bought at significantly lower prices than when purchased through new or second-hand dealers. Another great benefit is that you have the option to bid any amount you wish, giving you the capability to stick to your budget and giving you the opportunity to buy items at a significantly lower price than other markets.

You Really Do Save!

At NUco’s upcoming heavy equipment and truck auctions, you really do save! The general savings of buying your favourite brands on auction are estimated at 30%. These are huge savings and can definitely help you minimise spend, and account for the rising fuel prices. You can also save by buying equipment pieces that can be used as spare parts for your existing fleet, this will save you money on buying new parts and it gives you an affordable repair budget.

An Easy and Transparent Process for Buyers

NUco Auctioneers offers you an easy and transparent buying process which allows you to save while ensuring value for your money. At NUco, you are given the opportunity to view the items on auction beforehand, this awards you with the ability to ensure that you are content with the quality of the product before you make your bid. As a first time buyer, you can familiarise yourself with the auction procedures so you can have peace of mind come auction day.

Wondering when the Next NUco Auction is Taking Place?

If you’re wondering when the next construction and truck auctions are, have a look at our upcoming auctions page. We have truck and construction auctions every three weeks to provide you with the opportunity to make huge savings. Register now and save on your overall transport budget by beating retail prices.