We Offer SA’s Best Loved Brands at Our Truck and Heavy Equipment Auctions

Not only does NUco introduce you to high-quality assets, we also ensure that you have regular opportunities at our construction and mining auctions in South Africa.

NUco Auctioneers

With it being the month of love and all, we have decided to put together a few profiles of the brands, which could be your next match, on offer at our construction and mining equipment auctions which are held every three weeks. SA’s best loved brands are waiting to be purchased at bargain prices, which one is your favorite?


More commonly known as Cat, this popular heavy equipment and machinery manufacturer offers a large selection of high-quality assets for multiple industries. Whether you’re in the construction, agricultural or mining industry, you will want to get your hands on world-class, affordable Cat equipment. At NUco’s construction and mining equipment auctions, we have Cat branded assets available for purchase, giving you the opportunity to own a sought-after asset from a brand that is much loved and used in South Africa.


As a South African brand, Bell manufactures heavy machinery and equipment that is popular with locals and with people across the globe. At NUco, we regularly have supreme quality Bell assets available at our heavy equipment and mining auctions that take place in Irene, South Africa. We offer a variety of Bell products in our auction catalogues, including Bell tractors, loaders, ADTs, and more. Hook up with your next asset from Bell at NUco’s upcoming heavy equipment auctions.

John Deere

John Deere is a well-known and supported brand across South Africa, especially in the agricultural industry. As a manufacturer of high performance tractors and other heavy equipment products, John Deere has positioned itself in the South African market as a highly in demand brand across various industries. Searching for affordable John Deere equipment for your business? Browse the items we have available at our upcoming auctions, you may just find your next best buy.


Providing the mining and construction industry with high performance machinery, Hitachi is another mentionable brand that is widely used across South Africa. At NUco, we are the premier auctioneers of commercial, earthmoving and mining equipment, and as such, we are proud to offer Hitachi as one of the brands in our auctions. We give you the opportunity to purchase your next Hitachi products at bargain prices from one of our regularly hosted auctions.