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How do I register to bid for an auction?

To register for an auction you need to submit FICA documents and a registration form, along with which auction you would like to be registered for.

The steps below will outline what is required for you as a client to register for a live or online auction and partake in bidding:

  1. Create an online profile on our auction platform here if you have not already, or sign into your profile here.
  2. Select the auction you would like to register for, fill in your details, read and accept the terms and conditions, and click Submit.
  3. You will receive an email from us with the link to our online registration form. Please fill out this form and upload the corresponding documents. The documents required to register are:
    • Copy of ID / Passport document
    • Proof of Address (not older than 3 months)
    • Proof of Payment for the Deposit (fully refundable if no purchase is made)
    • Proof of Bank Account (not older than 3 months)
    • Company Registration Documents (if registering under the company)
    • Copy of ID / Passport of Directors & Buyer (if registering under the company)
  4. When you submit the form we will receive an email with your submission with all the documents you uploaded.
  5. We will verify the information with the documents you submitted. If everything is in order, you will be approved. Otherwise, we will contact you if anything is outstanding or incorrect.

We advise you to register ahead of the auction as this gives us enough time to process your registration. We receive an influx of registrations during an auction and are busy with clients throughout the day. Your registration is in the queue and we will attend to it.


Where are we located?

Google Maps link: Nuco Auctioneers, 127 Sterkfontein Avenue, Doornkloof East, Centurion, 1665

Plus Code: 37X5+Q7 Pretoria

We are located 38.7km north of O.R. Tambo International Airport via the R21, and 20.8km south of Pretoria Central via the R21.

How do I collect my items I purchased on auction?

When purchasing with us on auction, there is a standard procedure for collecting your items:

  • Clients will be emailed an invoice at the conclusion of the auction, followed by a call from our accounts department to confirm whether they have received it.
  • Once the invoice has been paid in full and the amount reflects in one of Nuco Auctioneers’ bank accounts and the buyer FICA documentation is up to date, clients will be able to come and collect assets.
  • A release note will be written up by the receptionist, of which the buyer will receive a copy.

If someone is fetching the item on behalf of the buyer:

  • The transporter will need a copy of the invoice (printed or electronic) with them when they come to collect.
  • The buyer will be called by our receptionist to confirm the transporter, and then a release note will be written up by the receptionist, of which the transporter will receive a copy.

When will I be refunded if I did not purchase on Auction?

The process of refunding the deposit fee starts the day after the conclusion of the auction. Refunding only takes place once the amount reflects within Nuco Auctioneers’ accounts. The process on average takes between 3-5 business days.

If you have not received your refund after 5 business days, then you may contact us directly for assistance to follow up.

Why can’t I access my account / online profile?

If you are having a problem logging into your account / online profile or seeing an error message, there may be a number of reasons:

  1. Are you connected to the internet? Sometimes even the most basic things go unnoticed. Please make sure you are connected to the internet before trying to login.
  2. Have you created an account / profile on our auction platform?

    • YES: Are you using the correct email address and password combination to login? If you have forgotten your password you may request a password reset here. A password reset will only work if an account / profile with a valid email address exists. You can also contact us directly to request a password reset.
    • NO: Please create an account / profile here. Please ensure you use a valid email address.
  3. Are you using your computer or mobile phone to login? We recommend using your mobile phone and our dedicated bidding app to login and bid with as this is less error prone. You can download our dedicated bidding app here (Android) or here (iOS). If you prefer to stay on your computer we recommend using the Google Chrome or Safari (Mac) browsers as these are more compatible with newer technologies used in web development.

If you have a specific use case error or issue then you may contact us directly for assistance. Please bear with us when contacting us during an auction. We receive an influx of registrations during an auction and are busy with clients throughout the day. We will help you as soon as a support team member is available.

How can I sell my items on auction?

If clients are interested in placing assets on auction, they are welcome to speak to any sales representative.

Sellers will be required to send pictures of the asset (interior and exterior) they wish to place on auction as well as: the kilometers or hours currently on the asset, a picture of the natis papers should it have or provide the year model and their expected price for the asset.

Sellers will be emailed a promissory agreement prior to the asset arriving at Nuco Auctioneers that needs to be filled in and signed and handed back with FICA documents.

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